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DOD Dodd

Mr. William Alexander
Rent Receipt
John Anderson
Ainslie's Co. [County] map
Johnston's Co. [County] map
050 [Situation] In the N. [North] western Corner of Monikie Ph. [Parish]
A farm house with outhouses and garden attached all in good repair. The property of Lord Douglass, and occupied by John Anderson
DOD HILL Dodd Hill
Dodd Hill
Dodd Hill
Dod Hill
Dod Hill
James Mitchell Esq.
James Donaldson
Mr. Alexander Aneane
Ainslie's Co. [County] map
Johnston's Co. [County] map
050 [Situation] At the NW [North West] end of Monikie Ph. [Parish]
A considerable hill feature, covered with furze situated on the north west boundary of the Ph. [Parish]

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Parish of Monikie -- Sheet 50 Plan 3 Trace 3

The word Dod is frequently met with in Scotland as a hill name. In the
later 4th. Division this word has been invariably written "Dod", on the ordnance
plans. It may here be remarked that one "d" in the termination is sufficient
for the same reason that one g, in the word Rig (as applied to a hill
of a peculiar shape) is sufficient.

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