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Site of ROCKING STONES [Hill of Kirriemuir] Site of 2 Rocking Stones
Site of 2 Rocking Stones
Site of 2 Rocking Stones
Mr. Dixon Kirriemuir
James Spense
William Lammond Hillhead
031 The site of 2 Rocking Stones which were blown up about 14 years ago by the proprietor of Hillhead.
"There are 2 Rocking Stones, a little to the north west of the hill of Kirriemuir within a few yards of each other. One of them is a block of Whinstone, nearly oval and is 3 ft. [feet] 3 inches in height, 9 feet in length & 4 feet 10 in breadth. The other of Lintrathen porphy is 2 feet in height 8 feet in length and 5 feet in breadth. The purpose for which these stones were erected is involved in mystery".
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
CAIRN [a farm] Cairn
Mr. Scott. Occr. [Occupier]
Mr. Dixon Kirriemuir
031 A small farm house and offices the property of the town of Kirriemuir.

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Rocking Stones [note]
Rocking Stones - Until the year 1843 the County
of Angus possessed two excellent examples
in addition to that of Gilfumman (Lochlee)
These were in the Parish of Kirriemuir, on the
small estate of Hillhead - these time honored
monoliths are now no more having been blown
to pieces by gunpowder, and employed in building
dykes and drains at the late period above mentioned. Jervises. "Land of the Lindsays" 1853.

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