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Castle Hill
Castle Hill
Mr. Dixon, late Postmaster Kirriemuir
Mr. Osler Mems
Mr. D. Wilkie, Kinnordy
031 A small but prominent hill, the south and part of the north side are very precipitous. Mr. Dixon late Postmaster of Kirriemuir supposes this hill (from its name) to have been used as a British fort or Station. On its summit where the Trig. [Trigonometrical] Station is placed there are something like the appearance of a cairn of stones grown over with fog and grass, also round the base of the hill their are a great quantity of loose stones which appears to have been rolled down from its summit
STANDING STONE [Mems] Standing Stone
Standing Stone
Mr. Osler
Mr. Dixon believes it to be naturally placed here
031 A large unshapely block of stone in an arable field on the farm of Mems. Mr. Osler of Mems says that the late Sir Charles Lyall of Kinnordy who was a geologist of some note had this stone examined and said that it belonged to Catlaw a hill 2 or 3 miles to the north and that it had been naturally brought here by a sledge of ice.
Although locally called a Standing Stone, it has no resemblance to those ancient monuments that are generally designated Standing Stones throughout the country, it is lying on the surface of the ground, and is very unshapely, probably about 10 or 12 tons in weight.

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