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Kil Knowe
Rev: [Reverend] J. Anderson Kirkden Manse
Mr Cameron Bractullo
Mr. David Ford Broadleys
Mr. John Orrick Surface-man
A. Lyall Esqr. Gardyne Castle
039 [Situation] In the Wn. [Western] vicinity of Bractullo.
The highest ridge of an arable field on Bractullo farm. So named from it's supposed to have been a place of interrment. property of Mrs Prettyman & Mrs Cathcart
Several Urns have been found here. It is handed down traditionally that a chapel stood here - nothing can be had relative to its history.
Ward Well
Ward Well
Mr James Cameron
Mr David Ford
Mr John Orrick
039 [Situation] S.W. [South West] of Bractullo.
A well on Bractullo farm. traditionally called "The Ward Well." property of Mrs Prettyman & Mrs Cathcart
GASK [farm] Gask
Mr James Cameron
Mr John Orrick
Mr David Salmond 'Curden'
039 [Situation] 33 chains S.E. by E. [South East by East] of Bractullo.
A neat farm house with flower & vegitable gardens office houses & land attached occupied by Mr. William Fairweather. property of Mrs Prettyman & Mrs Cathcart

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Ph. [Parish] of Kirkden -- Sheet 39-14. Trace 2

Kil Knowe [note]
Kil,- a term entering
into the formation of many
names of places in Scotland
from Gael: [Gaelic] Cill - a Cell. Dr. [Doctor] Jamieson's Scot: Dicty. [Scottish Dictionary]

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