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Kirkton, or Milton Farm (Either of the two)
Charles McNab occr. [occupier]
David Tosh Balfour Mains
William Eward Ph. [Parish] Schoolmaster
Val. [Valuation] Roll (1861)
Duncan Wilkie Esqr. Factor
031 This name applies to a fine farm house with office; a few dwelling houses and a smithy &c. The property of Capt. [Captain] Mitchell of Baldovie
William Edward Schoolmaster
Rev. [Reverend] William Haldane
Charles McNab
031 A small plain built edifice, being the Parish Church. It was erected in 1840 on the site of its predecessor, on the walls of which "various stones on which singular devices had been cut were discovered imbedded in the building. Two stones on which crosses are finely carved with accompanying hieroglyphics may be particularly mentioned, These stones it is probable has their origin about the time of the introduction of Christianity into our country, and would seem to be a connecting link between Pagan mythology and Christian worship, several rude relics which may have been esteemed precious in the time of Romish supremacy, were likewise found"
New Stat. acct. [Statistical account]

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Kirkton of Kingoldrum [notes]
Written on plan at OMO [Ordnance Mapping Office]
to agree with Lintrathen N.L. [Name List]
page 68. and Suppy. [Supplementary] remarks.
18th. Decr. [December] 62 [1862]

At Kirkton is the Parish Church - It will be necessary therefore that the
name be written Kirkton of Kingoldrum to bring out the Parish name.
[Initialled] J.B.
Lt.Col. [Lieutenant Colonel]

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