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Inverkeilor. In my presentation
by the Crown in 1843 the spelling is
the same viz with one "l". To this
day a venerable Clergyman in a
neighbouring parish, now in his 83d
year, always spells it with one "l".
So, there can be no doubt that until
within these last 25 years Inverkeilor
seems to have been the universally
adopted spelling.
How the modern spelling came
into fashion I know not. On my
coming here 19 years ago, it was
the usual local spelling adopted
and I knowing no other at the time
naturally fell into it
The very ancient spelling as it
occurs in the Chartularies is various
Inverkileder, Inverkilether, Inverkeleder

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This is all the information I can
give you on the Subject. I suspect
it is enough to condemn the present
usage as a mere modern innovation
I am
Dear Sir
Yours truly
[Signed] George Arklay

Lt [Lieutenant] Colonel Bayley

one l invariably
[Initialled] J.B.

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