Forfar (Angus) volume 41

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OS1/14/41/1 FARNELL Farnell Parish Farnell Parish Farnell Parish Farnell Parish Farnell Parish Farnell Parish Farnell Parish Farnell Parish Farnell Parish Farnell Parish Farnell Parish New Statl. [Statistical] Account Fullarton's Gazetteer Valuation Roll Estate Maps Mr Lyall, Factor Mr Webster Ph. [Parish] Schoolmaster The earl of Southesk Propr. [Proprietor] The Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Walker Ph. [Parish] Minister of Kinnell Old Statistical Account Sheriff's Returns of Meresmen County Maps 034 A Parish bounded on the north by Brechin which also adjoins it on the west or part of it, Aberlemno Ph. [Parish] being the adjoining land on this side - the west. The Parishes of Craig and Maryton bound it on the east, Kinnell on the south, and Kirkden (part of) on the south west. The River South Esk touches upon the northern Boundary and is the only water of any consequence in the Parish the Pow burn being the next worth mentioning. Two lines of Toll Roads run through the Parish - the Arbroath & Brechin & the Forfar & Montrose Road. The main or principal hill in this Parish is the Hill of Carcary, to which Rossie Muir extends in Farnell Parish. A great portion of the Muir of Montreathmonth which is now a thick forest of trees, belongs to this Parish. The entire Parish is the property of the Right Honble [Honourable] the Earl [continued on page 2]
OS1/14/41/1 Page 1 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish [Note] "The name of this Parish was anciently written Fernell, afterwards Fernwall or Farnwall; but now commonly Farnell. Fernwell is said to be of Gaelic origin - Fern signifying a den, & nell a swan: from which it would appear that the name had been taken from a den near the church, which may once have been the abode of Swans. The Parish of Kinnaird was disjoined from Farnell, & formed into a separate parish, about the year 1633; but was again annexed (except a small portion which fell into the parish of Brechin) in 1787." New Stat [Statistical] Account
OS1/14/41/2 Farnell Parish (Continued [continued from page 1] of South Esk. The Castle and the Deer Park of Kinnaird, the seat of Lord Southesk, are situated towards the north of the Parish and a considerable portion of land is occupied by the Deer Park and grounds. There are two old Castles in the Parish one at Farnell near the Church & another at Fithie. The latter is but partly remaining at the present time. Besides the Parish School there is a School at Woodend. The Church and Manse are at Farnell. The Scottish North Eastern Railway runs through this Parish & has a Station at Farnell. There is a portion of this parish detached in the parish of Kinnell, no portion of any other parish is contained within the boundary of this parish.
OS1/14/41/2 [Page] 2 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/3 NEW FOREBANK New Forebank New Forebank New Forebank Mr. C. Lyall, Factor Mr. Webster, Ph. [Parish] Schoolmaster Valuation Roll for /61 034 A new & small Steading on the east side of the Brechin & Forfar T.P. [Turn Pike] Road near and north of the Toll which is named from the Farm of Forebank. To the East of this, within the demense of Kinnaird (Trace 5) there is an old steading & some new dwellings occupied by cottars which was till recently the Farm house of Forebank, but since it has been taken into the Deer Park of Kinnaird, the Name has been dropped by the Proprietor & his agents, though it is now widely known & used as formerly by everyone else. - Estate Maps, Co. [County] Maps & the Older [continued on page 4]
OS1/14/41/3 [Page] 3 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/4 New Forebank (continued 034 [continued from page 3] Valuation Rolls of the County might be quoted to establish "Forebank" to the old house & the Cottars' houses now within the policies, and were it not that the name will, by the proprietor's wish, be ultimately dropped or probably lost sight of it would have been adopted. The Earl of Southesk's (The Proprietor) Agent is desirous that the old place be not named on the Ord: [Ordnance] Plan.
OS1/14/41/4 TEMPLE RIDE Temple Ride Temple Ride Temple Ride Mr. Lyall Mr. Spankie, Forester Mr. Grant, Gamekeeper 034 A well known name applying to a green ride from the Nursery (Trace 4 34-3) to the "North Lodge" in Brechin Parish. It is named from a little Temple, brought from the East Indies, which stands on the side of the ride on the top of a bank of the South Esk. The Temple itself is in ruins
OS1/14/41/4 [Page] 4 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/5 RIVER SOUTH ESK South Esk See Aberlemno Parish Authenticated in Name Book of Oathlaw parish 034 For authorities see Aberlemno Parish. The only portions of this River which touch upon the Parish are on Plan 34.3. Tidal Water does not touch upon the River in this Parish
OS1/14/41/5 KINNAIRDS MILL Kinnaird's Mill Kinnaird's Mill Kinnaird's Mill Valuation Roll Mr. Lyall Factor Mr. Peters 034 A good Steading in the policies of Kinnaird. It was formerly a Mill (corn) but has for a considerable time been wholly used for a Farm-house &c. Until lately this was the Home Farm of Kinnaird, which is now at the Steading of "Haughs of Kinnaird"
OS1/14/41/5 [Page] 5 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/6 SCOTSTON Scotston Scotston Scotston Scotston of Kinnaird Mr. Lyall Factor Mr Peters, Gr [Grieve] Mr Spankie, Forester Valuation Roll 034 This name applies to some dwellings to the south-east of Kinnaird's Mill at which there is a Saw Mill & Smithy and a Steading or office houses belonging to the Castle. It is not considered necessary by the personal authorities to adopt the Name in full, as it appears in the Val. [Valuation] Roll as it may be understood, from being within the Demense of Deer Park of Kinnaird, and from "Kinnaird's Mill" being so near Scotston of Kinnaird.
OS1/14/41/6 BYRES Byres Mr. Lyall Factor Mr Peters, Gr [Grieve] Mr Spankie, Forester 034 To the south of Scotston on the road leading to the Castle there is a building Kept for the Cows of Kinnaird which is called "Byres", and may either be considered descriptive only or adopted on the ordinary character of names which it is entitled to from usage, as by all persons it is referred to as "Byres"
OS1/14/41/6 [Page] 6 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/7 PINTASSLE BURN Pintassle Burn Pintassle Burn Pintassle Burn Mr. Lyall Factor Mr. Spankie Forester J. Gordon Wealtheston Pendicles 034 A small stream which rises in the west of the Deer Park near & north of "West Gate", and flows to the Pow through a Lade which it joins near the Kitchen garden of Kinnaird Castle. The name is a well known one on in Kinnaird policies
OS1/14/41/7 HAUGHS OF KINNAIRD Haughs of Kinnaird Haughs of Kinnaird Haughs of Kinnaird Valuation Roll, Mr Lyall, Factor, Mr Peters Grieve 034 A large steading at present the Home Farm of Kinnaird Castle. A Public Road coming from the east over Pow Burn (The Boundary of the Parish) passes this place and is connected with the Toll Road at West Carcary in the south (Trace 3.34-11) It is also connected with [continued on page 8]
OS1/14/41/7 [Page] 7 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/8 Haughs of Kinnard (Continued 034 [continued from page 7] the Parish Road near Farnell Church, passing along the outside of the Deer Park Wall from the "East Lodge" (Trace 2.34-7) to near Powmill in going to the Church &c. Northwards from the "East Lodge" this Road is continued along the outside of the Policy Wall to the point shewn on Trace where the intended new Bridge is to be made over the South Esk, to which point of the Road it is considered as stated by Mr Lyall, that the present continuation of the Road should not be called Public as it is only temporarily Public till the Bridge is made across the River. As the improvements have not yet been made, the present line or outlet of this Road to Brechin Ph. [Parish] is shewn & the policies of Kinnaird are not shewn outside of this Road to the east as they are at present indefinite until the New Br. [Bridge] & Park wall are made.
OS1/14/41/8 [Page] 8 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/9 WEALTHESTON PENDICLES Wealtheston Pendicles Wealtheston Pendicles Wealtheston Pendicles Valuation Roll Mr Lyall, Factor Mr Lawrence Greenden 034 A few pendicles of land with dwellings attached belonging to the lands of Wealtheston on Southesk Estate. The Name applies to all the ground from the T.P. [Turn Pike] Road in the east to the Ph. By. [Parish Boundary] on the north & on the west, and southwards the march or bounds of Wealtheston Pendicles extends to the Parish Road leading to Greenden (Trace 6) from the Cross Roads at "Woodend" (34-6 Trace 1) The Pendicles of Wealtheston are always distinguished from the other lands.
OS1/14/41/9 GREENDEN Greenden Valuation Roll Mr. Lyall, Factor Mr. Lawrence Greenden 034 A Farm steading having a Saw Mill & a Threshing Mill belonging to it, which are driven by water power from a Dam on the Burn passing the [continued on page 10]
OS1/14/41/9 [Page] 9 Co [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/10 Greenden (Continued 034 [continued from page 9] homestead. The Name is not used to the Den which is remarkable only about the Dam, and after crossing the Parish By. [Boundary] it takes the Name of an adjoining Estate - Ardovie, in Brechin Parish. To the east of the Dam the Den is insignificant and cannot be more than the general of Streams and Dens which give or take their names from farms with which they are identical, being too unimportant as features to apply the name which in reality is only given from the farm whatever the origin of the farm name may have been originally - Where this stream passes "Gowanhead" (34-6 Trace 5) it bears the Name "Anderson Den" to the Loch in Kinnaird Deer Park
OS1/14/41/10 [Page] 10 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/11 FOREBANK T.P. [Turn Pike] Forebank T.P. [Turn Pike] Forebank T.P. [Turn Pike] Forebank T.P. [Turn Pike] Forebank T.P. [Turn Pike] Forebank T.P. [Turn Pike] Table of Tolls Mr. Lyall, Factor Mr. Lawrence, Greenden Mr. J Gordon, Wealtheston Pendicles Dr. [Doctor] Sharp East Drums Brechin 034 A Toll on the Brechin & Arbroath Toll Road about ¼ mile from the north-western Boundary of Farnell Parish. To the south west of the toll house, but in Brechin Parish, there was, upon the two last authorities quoted, an Urn found containing calcined remains. It was turned up by the plough about 19 years ago, as stated by Dr. [Doctor] Sharp, and was partially destroyed by it at the time. It lay about the farm house of East Drums for a long while and was finally destroyed altogether in mistake by a servant of the farm. The urn was not larger than an ordinary flower pot. Several relics of the same sort have been got in the neighbourhood more particularly on East Drums, which is all in Brechin Parish.
OS1/14/41/11 [Page] 11 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/12 CHARITY MUIR PLANTATION Charity Muir Plantation Charity Muir Plantation Charity Muir Plantation Charity Muir Plantation Mr. Lyall, Factor Mr. Webster, Ph. [Parish] Schoolmaster Mr. Lawrence, Greenden Mr. Spankie Forrester 034 A large plantation of fir trees between Woodend & West Gate Named from the house of "Woodend" which formerly bore the name of "Charity Muir" from being given to poor people of the Estate at a nominal rent, or this part of of the Muir being given to build upon, hence the name which though now changed since to "Woodend" to the dwellings, is still retained to the plantation and well known.
OS1/14/41/12 WOODEND Woodend Mr. Lyall, Factor Mr. Webster, Ph [Parish] Schoolmaster Mr. Lawrence, Greenden Mr. Spankie, Forrester 034 A few dwellings the eastmost of which is a school supported chiefly by Lord Southesk's patronage. It is adopted upon the same authorities as "Woodend" & Charity Muir Plantation, which see above
OS1/14/41/12 SCHOOL [Woodend] School Mr. Lyall, Factor Mr. Webster, Ph [Parish] Schoolmaster Mr. Lawrence, Greenden Mr. Spankie, Forrester 034 A few dwellings [Woodend] the eastmost of which is a school supported chiefly by Lord Southesk's patronage. It is adopted upon the same authorities as "Woodend" & Charity Muir Plantation, which see above
OS1/14/41/12 [Page] 12 Co [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/13 WEST GATE [Kinnaird] West Gate West Gate West Gate Mr. Lyall Factor Mr. Baxter West Gate Mr. Spankie Forrester 034 This applies to all the dwelling houses at the "West Gate" of Kinnaird as well as to the gate itself. The Lodge or gate house is on the outside - the west, of the Park wall, and most of the dwellings, which are understood by the name, are within the policy.
OS1/14/41/13 KINNAIRD DEER PARK [Kinnaird] Kinnaird Deer Park Kinnaird Deer Park Kinnaird Deer Park Mr. Lyall Factor Mr. Baxter West Gate Mr. Spankie Forrester 034 A high stone wall surrounds the property of Kinnaird except in Brechin Parish where the river (South Esk) bounds it on the north. There are a good many Deer in the Park and the whole enclosure, inside the wall, is to be open to them with the exception of the flower garden &c. immediately around the Castle [continued on page 14]
OS1/14/41/13 [Page] 13 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/14 Kinnaird Deer Park (Continued 034 [continued from page 13] which is protected by a permanent wire fence shewn on the Examination Traces. All young woods or plantations in the demesne are at present protected from the Deer by a temporary wooden paling. These palings are removed as the woods grow to a proper size. Besides those around the woods there are other temporary palings enclosing parts within a wood for shooting. The whole of these as stated by the Factor of South Esk Estate are temporary & useless, and are therefore cancelled on the Examination Traces - There are four principal entrances to Kinnaird Castle in Farnell parish, & three of them bear names, which, though their origin may have been for distinction, are now by usage well established proper names recognised by the best authorities. They are the "West Gate" on the West of the Park, "East Lodge" on the East & "Farnell Lodge" in the South. There is a Drive & a Lodge between "Farnell Lodge" & the "East Lodge" (Trace 5) but it bears no proper name. Almost all the dwellings of the various servants living in the demesne bear some local distinctive term or name none of which are adopted by the Agent of South Esk Estate, who considers such terms as the Shepherd's-house, which is applied to the place & dwelling occupied by the Shepherd of South Esk or Kinnaird, to the northward of the Old Burying Ground of Kinnaird Old Parish to be better understood than properly Named. The South Esk family vault is in the Deer Park of Kinnaird at or near the south east corner of park wall. There is an artificial lake in the Demesne.
OS1/14/41/14 [Page] 14 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish [Note] The extent of the Deer Park is shown on through the Exn. [Examination] traces on the North & East of Kinnaird policies by a yellow shade.
OS1/14/41/15 KINNAIRD BURIAL GROUND Kinnaird Old Burying Ground Kinnaird Old Burying Ground Kinnaird Old Burying Ground Kinnaird Parish Old Burying Ground Mr. Lyall, Factor Mr. Spankie Forester Mr. Webster, Ph. [Parish] Schoolmaster The Proprietor, Earl of Southesk who is anxious that the name should not infer the family Burying ground [Initialled] JL 034 This was the Burying Ground of Kinnaird Parish, which , as stated in the New Statistical Account, was disjoined from Farnell about 1633, but was again annexed with the exception of a small part which fell to Brechin Parish. It is well known as the Old Burying Ground of Kinnaird and has several Tomb Stones with legible inscriptions. Several trees are grown up to a good size in the enclosure which has a permanent paling round it. It is on Southesk
OS1/14/41/15 WEALTHESTON Wealtheston Wealtheston Wealtheston Valuation Roll Estate Map Mr. Lyall, Factor 034 A small Steading to which the name is now applied, but it formerly belonged to the place partly in ruins which is on the roadside to the east of Redford. Lord South Esk is propr. [proprietor]
OS1/14/41/15 GREENLAW Greenlaw Valuation Roll Estate Map Mr. Lyall, Factor 034 A steading at the south of a very remarkable law from which it is named. This is an out farm of Mains of Farnell on South Esk Estate.
OS1/14/41/15 [Page] 15 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/16 GREEN LAW Green Law Green Law Green Law Mr. Lyall Factor Mr. J. Sevewright Redford Mr. Lawrence, Greenden 034 A remarkable Law or hill on the east & close to the T.P. [Turn Pike] Road. It stands to the north of a steading which is named from the Law. Some years ago Lord Southesk, the proprietor, caused an excavation to be made in the top of the Law in hope of finding some remains of antiquity but nothing was found. Some considered it of artificial construction but it is of late or since the top was opened, thought to be a natural hillock. The soil dug out of the top is sandy, but it is not used as a Sand Pit, nor has it ever been, and it is intended as stated by Mr. Lyall to fill it up again. Urns as stated by Mr. Lyall to Mr. Sevewright were got in the field to the south & east of the Law, but there is a difference in the information obtained as to the place they were found, Mr Lyall stating it to be to the east of the Law, and Mr Sevewright saying between the foot of the law & the steading at the place shewn on Trace. The field in which Urns were got is therefore written on the Examination Trace.
OS1/14/41/16 [Page] 16 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish [Note] The second authority Mr Sevewright states that the Urns found was at the time the T.P. [Turn Pike] Road was made about 19 years ago.
OS1/14/41/17 PATER WELL Pater Well Pader or Pater Well Lord Southesk Memorials of Angus & Mearns 034 "The foundations of the Kirk are yet to be seen, surrounded by several well sculptured gravestones and an adjoining spring called Pader or Pater Well, is noticed in an old rhyme regarding the love story of a young lady of Kinnaird" Memos. [Memorials] of Angus & Mearns Upon the authority of the Earl of Southesk the well called "Pater Well" is situated as above described at the place shewn upon Examination Trace.
OS1/14/41/17 KIRK LOCH Kirk Loch Kirk Loch Kirk Loch Lord South Esk Mr. Lyall, Factor Mr Sevewright Red Den 034 A small natural loch to the south of Kinnaird Parish Old Burying ground & close to it. This name is well known, & being derived from the Old Ch. [Church] near, of which no traces of the building now exist, [continued on page 18]
OS1/14/41/17 [Page] 17 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish Pater Well [notes] Cannot the site of this Church be shewn on Plan? [overwritten by] Note. The Church is presumed to have stood within the Burial Ground - but could not be identified. [Signed] C Harrison 2d. Corpl. R.E. [2nd Corporal Royal Engineers]
OS1/14/41/18 Kirk Loch (Continued 034 [continued from page 17] it is particularly used by all persons of the district who know Kinnaird
OS1/14/41/18 [Page] 18 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/19 REDFORD Redford Redford Redford Mr Lyall, Factor Mr Sevewright Tt. [Tenant] Mr Lawrence, Greenden 034 A small holding of Wealtheston old farm. The name is well known although it does not appear in the Co. [County] Roll. It is said to derive its name from the Old Road to Forfar crossing a Ford near the present dwelling. The Old Road referred to is now Public & runs west from the house of Redford, but it took its name from the former course of this road crossing the Burn to the north of the house.
OS1/14/41/19 ANDERSON DEN Anderson Den Mr Lyall, Factor Mr Sevewright Mr Lawrence, Greenden 034 The Burn of this Den comes from Greenden (33-5.6) which see. It is well known from about the farm of Gowanhead to the Loch in Kinnaird Deer Park as Anderson Den. A branch of this stream to the west of Wealtheston supplies a Mill Dam of Farnell Mill, but from the Dam on this Trace the water course is conveyed underground to the Mill.
OS1/14/41/19 [Page] 19 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/20 GOWANHEAD Gowanhead Gowanhead Gowanhead Gowan Head Valuation Roll Mr Lyall, Factor Mr Webster Schoolmaster Estate Map 034 A farm steading on Southesk Estate. The name is generally adopted in one word
OS1/14/41/20 [Page] 20 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/21 RUME'S CROSS Rume's Cross Rume's Cross Rume's Cross Rume's Cross Rume's Cross Rume's Cross "Memorials of Angus & Mearns" The Right Honble. [Honourable] the Earl of Southesk Mr. James Webster, Schoolmaster Mr Mathers Crossgates, Kinnell Mr. Lyall Factor Land of the Lindsays 034 "In Episcopal times the Vicar of Farnell held the office of Dean of the church of Brechin, and in the old taxatio the Kirk is rated at 20 marks. As now constituted Farnell is made up of two ecclesiastical districts, for anciently there was a chapel at Cuikstone or Quyqstone" (Cuikstone is in Brechin) "The names of two of the Rectors of it have been preserved, and the site is about a mile north of the present Parish Church, near a mound called "Rume's Cross", a name which although now of doubtful origin, perhaps refers to the patron Saint of the Kirk." Memorials of Angus & Mearns The Site of the supposed cross &c. is marked by a mound, apparently of artificial construction, in "Anderson Den" just within the Park wall of Kinnaird. The name had been long known in the Parish, but its probable origin was not much known till the "Memorials of Angus" were published. No opinions are given by any of the authorities quoted beyond what is said of "Rume's Cross" in the Memos. [Memorials] of Angus.
OS1/14/41/21 [Page] 21 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish [Note] "The Kirk was perhaps dedicated to St. Rumon or Rumold, as a Knoll about a mile north of the church, is called Rume's Cross (Land of the Lindsays)
OS1/14/41/22 [Page] 22 [Blank page]
OS1/14/41/23 KINNAIRD CASTLE Kinnaird Castle Kinnaird Castle Kinnaird Castle Valuation Roll New Statistical Account Mr. Lyall, Factor 034 "Kinnaird Castle the Mansion of the Southesk family is an elegant & spacious modern building. It is of a square form with a square tower at each corner, & has a very imposing & princely appearance" New Statl. [Statistical] Account. (See Kinnaird Deer Park Trace 3.34-6)
OS1/14/41/23 EAST LODGE [Kinnaird Castle] East Lodge East Lodge East Lodge East Lodge Mr. Lyall, Factor Mr. Peters, Steward Mr Spankie, Forrester Mr Webster, Ph. [Parish] Schoolmaster 034 The East Lodge gate & approach to Kinnaird Castle.
OS1/14/41/23 FARNELL LODGE Farnell Lodge Mr. Lyall, Factor Mr. Peters, Steward Mr Spankie, Forrester Mr Webster, Ph. [Parish] Schoolmaster 034 This is the southmost lodge of Kinnaird. A private Road leading from the Schoolmaster's house (3.34-10) is beyond the Park, but it is kept in ornamental grounds on both sides where it is not planted.
OS1/14/41/23 [Page] 23 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/24 DEIL'S DEN Deil's Den Deil's Den Deil's Den Mr Spankie, Forester Mr Lyall Factor Mr Webster Ph. [Parish] Schoolmaster 034 A well Known name throughout the Estate & the Parish applying to a hollow between "Marquis Hill" & the Family Vault of Southesk. This name should be strictly confined to the limits given of it on the Examination Trace for although there is a Den on the Stream to the east of the vault, "Deil's Den" does not apply further than the lake on one side & the plantation of "Marquis Hill" which ends so acutely on the other - the east
OS1/14/41/24 VAULT [Kinnaird] Family Vault Mr Spankie, Forester Mr Lyall, Factor Mr Webster, Ph. [Parish] Schoolmaster 034 There is no rule from custom for this object which is sometimes called "Kinnaird Vault" & sometimes "The Vault" The Agent of South Esk Estate considers that the Family name (South Esk) would be understood, but it has nevertheless been adopted. There are Tombs of Marble in the walls on the north & south to the Proprs [Proprietor's] father & other relatives. A high wall encloses it
OS1/14/41/24 [Page] 24 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/25 MARQUIS' HILL Marquis' Hill Marquis' Hill Marquis' Hill Mr. Lyall, Factor Mr. Spankie, Forrester Mr Webster, Schoolmaster 034 A hill between the "Deil's Den" & the Park Wall. It is steepish on the side next the Den. The top is shewn by a yellow shade on the Examination Trace. This name like the "Deil's Den" is widely known in Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/25 POWMILL Powmill Powmill Powmill Valuation Roll Estate Map Mr Lyall Factor 034 A good steading formerly a Meal Mill. There is a Lade to it yet but it is used for a Threshing Mill. Powmill is on South Esk Estate
OS1/14/41/25 [Page] 25 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/26 POW BURN Pow Burn Pow Burn Pow Burn Estate Map Mr Lyall J Mathers, Crossgates Kinnell Authenticated on plan 34.10 Parish of Kinnell 034 The head of this Burn is in the Muir of Montreathmonth and in the first part of its course it is named Battle Burn, but this coming as far as the Church of Farnell some confusion in the name is found from the Burn from Red Den also taking the name with the distinction of "North" added to it, while this (the Pow proper) is distinguished as South Pow in the neighbourhood of the Ch. [Church]. Good authorities do not admit of two Pow Burns, there being but the Pow which flows as "Battle Burn" in its first part and afterwards (from about "Woodside" in Kinnell Parish) "Pow Burn" to the South Esk (See Red Den 34-10 1 & 2)
OS1/14/41/26 [Page] 26 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/27 BERTIES DEN Bertie's Den Bertie's Den Bertie's Den Bertie's Den Bertie's Den Mr. Lyall, Factor Mr. Sevewright, Redford Mr. J. Gordon Wealtheston Pendicles Mr. J Buchan Three Laws Brechin Dr. [Doctor] Sharp, E. [East] Drums 034 A well known name applying to a natural Den or Glen running parallel with the course of a stream which bounds the north side of Montreathmonth Muir at this part. The name applies to the course of the stream on this Trace as also upon trace 4.34.6.
OS1/14/41/27 THREE LAWS Three laws Mr. Lyall, Mr. Sevewright, Redford Mr. J. Gordon Wealtheston Pendicles Mr. J Buchan Three Laws Brechin Dr. [Doctor] Sharp, E. [East] Drums 034 This name is given to three remarkable Laws one of which is in this Parish or partly so. No information has been obtained of the these features which the two last authorities quoted are inclined to think are natural. The Law crossing the Boundary Coss [Cross] of the Parish is [continued on page 28]
OS1/14/41/27 [Page] 27 Co [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/28 Three Laws (Continued 034 [continued from page 27] the highest but nothing so far as could be ascertained has ever been found in it, or the other two Laws which are comparatively insignificant in point of height or remarkableness. Mr Buchan of the farm of Three Laws in Brechin Parish, considers that the smallest law to the east is not one of the Three Laws, but that the third was where his Steading now stands, and he states his having found an urn and some stone coffins in the mound which the house now occupies the site of. Dr. [Doctor] Sharp considers the smaller Law to be one of the Three Laws and the name is therefore written on the Examination Trace to apply to the "Three Laws" shewn. This is a particularly well known land mark in the country around. Everone will be found to know the "Three Laws"
OS1/14/41/28 [Page] 28 Co [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/29 ARDOVIE ROAD Ardovie Road Ardovie Road Ardovie Road Mr. Lyall Factor Mr. Lawrence Greenden Mr. Sevewright Redford 034 A Public Right of Way through "Montreathmonth Muir" from The Toll Road (the Arbroath & Brechin Road) to Ardovie in Brechin Parish from which Estate it is named and well known, and as there are but two Rights of Way through the Muir in Farnell, both of which are named, this name has been adopted as it is used, but the other Public Road is confused with another avenue Name which is called the same (Battle Ride) See "Battle Drum" & "Battle Well" (Trace 34-13).
OS1/14/41/29 [Page] 29 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/30 LUNAN DEN Lunan Den Lunan Den Lunan Den Mr Lyall Factor Mr Mathers, Red Den Mr Sevewright Redford 034 This name applies from the slopes shewn on the Burn on this Trace to the junction formed by it with the Burn of Red Den (Trace 1.34-10) The Name, which is well known is always used as adopted
OS1/14/41/30 [Page] 30 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/31 BEADLE'S COTTAGE Beadle's Cottage Mr Lyall, Factor Earl of Southesk Proprietor 034 This descriptive name or term is adopted upon the single authority of Mr. Lyall who considers it the only proper designation that can be given to the cottage, it being built expressly for the Beadle of the Parish, and the old house, part of which still remains, having been time out of mind occupied by the Beadle of Farnell. By the people it is usually called "Greenlaw" - from being upon those lands, and the "Bellman's Ho. [House]" at other times. The cottage is upon Southesk Estate the Property of the Rt. Honble. [Right Honourable] the Earl of Southesk who is Proprietor of the entire Parish. The "Beadle's Cottage" is a neat dwelling with a well kept garden on its front or south side.
OS1/14/41/31 [Page] 31 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/32 LADY WELL Lady Well Lady Well Lady Well Reiden's Well Mr Lyall Factor J Gordon Wealtheston Pend [Pendicles] Mr. Seivewright, Redford At Red Den the fine spring called Reiden's Well. Jervise's Memorials of Angus & Mearns 034 This is considered one of the finest springs on the South Esk Estate in Farnell Parish and is consequently known both for the purity of its water and the remarkable name it bears of which there is nothing known of its origin.
OS1/14/41/32 [Page] 32 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/33 REDDEN Red-den Red-den Red-den Red Den Estate Map Mr Lyall Factor Mr Mathers, Tenant Valuation Roll 034 This is a good Cottage with some outhouses attached and having a few acres around which is a separate small holding from the large farms adjoining. It is on Southesk Estate. The name is used in various forms, sometimes in one word, but generally as quoted from the Roll - "Red Den". That on the Estate Map is adopted though the hyphen is seldom used except sometimes in the Rental.
OS1/14/41/33 RED DEN Red Den Estate Map Mr Lyall Factor Mr Mathers, Tenant Valuation Roll 034 The Burn of the Red Den has its rise in "Montreathmont Muir" about 2½ Miles west of the Toll Road where the Den takes its name from the reddish nature of the soil on both sides of the Toll Road. After crossing the Road [continued on page 34]
OS1/14/41/33 [Page] 33 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/34 Red Den (Continued 034 [continued from page 33] the Den itself may be said to extend to about the distance of 1/2 a mile in this direction - the East (near east margin of Trace 2). To the West the Den only extends about 3/4 of a mile, but it is most remarkable both in color of the soil and as a den or hollow at the parts to which the name is confined on the Examination Traces. After passing out of Farnell Mill Dam there is much confusion & impropriety in the usage of the name of the Burn, which is called the "North Pow", the Pow proper being in the neighbourhood of the Ch [Church] distinguished by the same bad usage as "South Pow". Upon the authority of Mr Lyall, there is properly but one "Pow Burn" which is named so on Estate Maps of Kinnell and Farnell Parishes. The Burn from the Red Den is but a tributary of the proper Pow which is artificially widened after leaving the Mill Dam and hence it is supposed to take the title of Pow from being larger than the proper Pow
OS1/14/41/34 [Page] 34 Co [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/35 CLOAK Cloak Cloak Cloak Estate Map Mr Lyall Factor Mr. Webster 034 An out farm or cottery of Mains of Farnell. It is upon South Esk Estate
OS1/14/41/35 MAINS OF FARNELL Mains of Farnell Mains of Farnell Mains of Farnell Mains of Farnell Farnell Mr Ruxton Tenant Mr Lyall, Factor Rent Roll Mr Webster, Schoolmaster Valuation Roll 034 A large & superior Farm Steading on Southesk Estate There is a large Mill Dam close to the Farm The name of this Farm does not appear on the Estate Plans of Southesk. It is improperly called "Farnell" only in the Valuation Roll, and it is seldom used even in speaking but as Mains of Farnell.
OS1/14/41/35 [Page] 35 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/36 FARNELL MILL (Corn) [Millton] Farnell Mill (Corn) Farnell Mill (Corn) Farnell Mill (Corn) Mr. Lyall, Factor Mr. Webster Schoolmaster Mr. W Robertson, Tenant 034 A Meal or Corn Mill at Farnell, or properly, the Mill of Farnell for there is no village of Farnell, the "Millton" & Mill, School, Church & Manse being the only houses. There is no flour made in "Farnell Mill"
OS1/14/41/36 MILLTON Millton Mr. Lyall, Factor Mr. Webster Schoolmaster Mr. W Robertson 034 This name applies to the Mill and to a couple of cottages at it. Although this name as well as the Mill does not appear in the Val. [Valuation] Roll, from the lands being included in that document with the Farm of "Mains of Farnell" it is well known & always used.
OS1/14/41/36 [Page] 36 Co [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/37 CHURCH [Millton] Church Church Church Revd [Reverend] Mr Brewster Mr. Webster, Schoolmaster Mr. Lyall Factor 034 A good stone building on an elevated spot above Pow Burn. There are sittings here for 300. A Burial Ground surrounds the church almost.
OS1/14/41/37 MANSE [Millton] Manse Revd [Reverend] Mr Brewster Mr. Webster, Schoolmaster Mr. Lyall Factor 034 The Manse, upon the same authorities is close to the Church on the west side. It is a superior dwelling with office-houses near, and a good garden attached. There is no other Ch. [Church] or Manse in Farnell but this - the Ph. Ch. [Parish Church]
OS1/14/41/37 SCHOOL [Millton] School Revd [Reverend] Mr Brewster Mr. Webster, Schoolmaster Mr. Lyall Factor 034 The Parish School situate to the north of the church. It is a building one story high & only contains the Schoolroom. The Schoolmaster's dwelling is on the north side of the Burn which flows between it & the schoolhouse. It is partly a Lodge also for the road leading to Farnell Lodge.
OS1/14/41/37 [Page] 37 Co [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/38 FARNELL CASTLE Castle Farnell Castle Farnell Castle Castle Farnell Castle New Statistical Account Mr. Lyall, Factor Mr Webster Schoolmaster Fullarton's Gazetteer Jervise's History of Angus & Mearns 034 "On the north side of the Church and almost encircled by the den from which the Parish is supposed to take its name stands an old Castle, once the property and residence of the Ogilvies of Airly. It is Kept in good & part of it is allotted as a free dwelling to some infirm indigent people". New Statistical Account A good deal of the lower part of the Castle has modern windows & doors made in repairing the old ones, but the whole building is otherwise in tolerable repair, and is occupied by tenants & pensioners of Southesk Estate. "Farnell Castle" as authorized is the name by which it is always referred to, but whether that is the original or modern name of the Castle could not be ascertained. "Farnell" might be understood to it from the Mill name & the Name of the farm of "Mains of Farnell" being so near,
OS1/14/41/38 [Page] 38 Co [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/39 GRAHAM'S FRITH Graham's Frith Graham's Frith Graham's Frith Grahmsfirth Estate Plan of Montreathmonth Muir Mr Lyall, Factor Mr Webster Ph. [Parish] Schoolmaster Valuation Roll 034 A couple of rows of dwellings and a workshop. Formerly this was called Howmuir, but that name is now altogether dropped in the Rental of the Estate of South Esk to which it belongs.
OS1/14/41/39 EGYPT Egypt Egypt Egypt Valuation Roll Estate Map Mr. Lyall Factor 034 A good farm Steading on Southesk Estate - the Earl of Southesk's property.
OS1/14/41/39 LITTLE FITHIE Little Fithie Little Fithie Estate Map Mr. Lyall Factor Valuation Roll 034 A Farm steading on the southern Boundary of the Parish. It belongs to Southesk Estate
OS1/14/41/39 [Page] 39 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/40 [Page] 40 [Blank page]
OS1/14/41/41 SCOTTISH NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY Scottish North Eastern Railway Scottish North Eastern Railway Scottish North Eastern Railway Scottish North Eastern Railway Time Tables Waggons or Trucks Mr. W Mann, Br [Bridge] of Dun Mr. T. Matthews, Farnell Road 034; 037 The direct line of the Scottish North Eastern Railway between Perth & Aberdeen. This part of the line is the old Aberdeen Railway amalgamated with the present Co. [Company] whose name it takes, and the Aberdeen proper extended to Guthrie from Aberdeen. From Guthrie, going south, to Forfar is part of the "Forfar and Arbroath Railway", & from Forfar to Perth, which was formerly Scottish Midland Junction Railway, is now Scottish North Eastern Railway proper. The Electric Telegraph is upon the south side of the line, and upon the east, in this Parish
OS1/14/41/41 FARNELL ROAD STATION Farnell Road Station Farnell Road Station Farnell Road Station Farnell Road Station Time Tables Mr. T Matthews, Stat [Station] Master Mr Mann, Br. [Bridge] of Dun Valuation Roll 034 A Station on the Scottish North Eastern Railway 6¼ miles from Guthrie Junction where the Arbroath line starts off the main line going or coming from Arbroath. There is a P.O. [Post Office] here
OS1/14/41/41 [Page] 41 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/42 MAUT BURN Maut Burn Maut Burn Maut Burn Mr C Lyall Factor Mr. R. Lyall W. [West] Carcary Mr. J. Gordon Wealtheston Pendicles 034 A little stream which applies in Name only to the part in the wood on the south-east corner of this trace. It flows from west of the Hill of Carcary. The name is well known & has its origin from being the source from which the farmer of Carcary made his malt.
OS1/14/41/42 LITTLE CARCARY Little Carcary Little Carcary Little Carcary Little Carcary Valuation Roll Estate Map Mr Lyall Factor Mr. R. Lyall 034 A outsteading of West Carcary. The distinction Little is well known.
OS1/14/41/42 BRICK AND TILE WORKS [Little Carcary] Brick & Tile Works Mr Lyall Factor Mr. R. Lyall 034 There is a Brick & Tile Works to the north of this [Little Carcary] belonging to the Tenant of Carcary but the name has not been repeated
OS1/14/41/42 [Page] 42 Co [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/43 HILL OF CARCARY Hill of Carcary Hill of Carcary Hill of Carcary Mr Lyall Factor Mr. R. Lyall W. [West] Carcary Mr Webster Schoolmaster 034 A fine feature overlooking the valley between Carcary Farms & the South Esk. Rossie Muir joins it at the back or south side on the top, but much of the Muir is reclaimed. "Hill of Carcary" is the form the name is always used in. It is planted with fir trees and the top or flat table of the hill is between the Trigl. [Trigonometrical] Pole on the east, & the division separating it from a piece of plantation adjoining on the west - on this Trace. The Hill of Carcary belongs to Southesk Estate. The name does not appear on the Estate Maps. There are Dams on the Hill of Carcary. Those to the east of the Track which runs between the old Dams & the Dams to the west in use (Trace 6.34-11 and Trace 4.34-12) are explained on the Examination Trace as are also the other Dams which are for Bonnyton Farm in Maryton Parish. The old Dams belong to Carcary farm
OS1/14/41/43 [Page] 43 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/44 WEST CARCARY West Carcary West Carcary West Carcary Estate Map Valuation Roll Mr. Lyall, Factor 034 A large & superior Farm steading with considerable land attached. It belongs to South Esk Estate as also Little and East Carcary and all are in one farm, Tenant Mr R Lyall. West Carcary is occupied by the Tenant and East Carcary by persons employed on the Farm
OS1/14/41/44 EAST CARCARY East Carcary Estate Map Valuation Roll Mr. Lyall, Factor 034 It [West Carcary] belongs to Southesk Estate, as also Little and East Carcary and all are in one farm... East Carcary [is occupied] by persons employed on the Farm
OS1/14/41/44 FITHIE Fithie Estate Map Valuation Roll Mr. Lyall, Factor 034 Another large farm of Southesk Estate having a superior homestead. This was formerly an independent Estate of itself, and there are the remains of a Castle to be seen in a a cothouse to the east of of the steading.
OS1/14/41/44 [Page] 44 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/45 CASTLE (Remains of) [Fithie] Castle (Remains of) Castle (Remains of) Castle (Remains of) Mr Lyall Factor Mr Carnegie Fithie Mr. Webster, Teacher 034 This upon the authorities quoted is partly the remains & site of an old Castle. The south or front wall of the building is part of the old Castle but all the rest of the house, which is occupied by cottars, is of recent date. No information can be obtained of the date of this building (the castle) but as stated by the authorities given, it is always spoken of as the Castle of or at Fithie (See Accounts &c. of Parish)
OS1/14/41/45 [Page] 45 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish [Notes] This Castle is not mentioned in any of the Accounts of the Ph. [Parish] "Once upon a day Fithie could also boast of a Castle, the last remains of which form the back wall of a Cottar house & upon an adjoining Knoll to the East, popular story avers that the "lady fair" was burnt for the Murder of Young "Reiden" Mr. Jervise's work on Angus & Mearns Young Reiden refers to a character celebrated in old Ballads at the time, & a clue to the tradition of the "lady fair" having been burnt may be found in the name "Burnt Hill" to the East of the Castle of Fithie.
OS1/14/41/46 CISTERN [twice, Fountainhead of Kinnaird] Cistern of Kinnaird & Old Cistern Cistern of Kinnaird & Old Cistern Cistern of Kinnaird & Old Cistern Mr. Lyall Factor Mr. W. Robertson Hill of Carcary Mr. T. Steel Hill of Carcary 034 These objects which are explained on the Examination Trace are generally called the Fountainhead of Kinnaird, particularly the Old Cistern on Trace 6. The mouth of the Cistern or Reservoir of the new Cistern (Trace 5) is differently constructed from the old one.
OS1/14/41/46 HILLHEAD OF FITHIE Hillhead of Fithie Hillhead of Fithie Hillhead of Fithie Mr. Carnegie, Fithie Mr. A. Cruickshanks Tt. [Tenant] Mr. W. Robertson Hill of Carcary 034 A small holding well known by the name on the highest part of Fithie. The Agent for Southesk is desirous that this name be dropped. It is found to be a well known name & is therefore adopted. The objection to the name being retained is that it will shortly be included with another & larger farm.
OS1/14/41/46 [Page] 46 Co [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/47 MARYWELL TREE Marywell Tree Marywell Tree Marywell Tree Marywell Tree Marywell Tree Mr Lyall, Factor Mr. R. Lyall W. [West] Carcary Mr. Gordon, Wealtheston Mr. W. Robertson Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Reid 034 This applies to an open spring and a large Tree, an oak over it, but the name is invariably used as "Marywell Tree". What the origin of the name may be no one has been found to give an opinion of. Like "Lady Well" at Greenlaw (which see) the name appears to be derived from a period probably very far back
OS1/14/41/47 [Page] 47 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish [Note] "The name of the adjoining Parish (Maryton) was probably given to it in honour of the Virgin Mary. A Well in the parish of Farnell still retains the name of Marywell" New Stat [Statistical] Account
OS1/14/41/48 [Page] 48 [Blank page]
OS1/14/41/49 BUCKLER DEN BURN Buckler Den Burn Buckler Den Burn Buckler Den Burn Buckler Den Burn Estate Map Mr. Lyall Factor Lord South Esk H Anderson Gamekeeper 034 A little stream which comes from Rossie Moor dividing the Parish from Kinnell as far as its junction with Pow Burn at "Little Fithie" The name applies from about the point where the Parish Road on Trace 2 crosses the Moor to the Toll Road at Little Fithie (Trace 6.34-10) or to the Farm houses of Little Fithie.
OS1/14/41/49 STRATHELLA Strathella Strathella Strathella Estate Map Lord Southesk Mr Lyall Factor 034 This name is applied on the Estate Map to the stream, south of the dwelling on the edge of the moor, between the Dam by the moor dyke side and the dwelling. The house was formerly called "Hillhead of Fithie", which Lord Southesk has changed to "Strathella" in the Rental &c. and therefore the name is applied to it on the Examination Trace. The strath or hollow is of itself not in any way remarkable being merely the ordinary hollow through which the stream passes.
OS1/14/41/49 [Page] 49 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish
OS1/14/41/50 [Page] 50 [Blank page]
OS1/14/41/51 ROSSIE MUIR Rossie Muir See Kinnell 034 See Kinnell Parish The name applies in this Parish to all the Rough Pasture on Plans 34-11 & 12 & 15 as applied on Examination Trace
OS1/14/41/51 NICHOLL'S LOCH Nicholl's Loch See Kinnell 034 See Kinnell Parish
OS1/14/41/51 [Page] 51 Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish [Volume signed] John Bayly Major R.E. [Royal Engineers]
OS1/14/41/52 [Page] 52 [Volume] 41 OS1/14/41 Co. [COUNTY] FORFAR PARISH OF FARNELL
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