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Scotston of Kinnaird
Mr. Lyall Factor
Mr Peters, Gr [Grieve]
Mr Spankie, Forester
Valuation Roll
034 This name applies to some dwellings to the south-east of Kinnaird's Mill at which there is a Saw Mill & Smithy and a Steading or office houses belonging to the Castle. It is not considered necessary by the personal authorities to adopt the Name in full, as it appears in the Val. [Valuation] Roll as it may be understood, from being within the Demense of Deer Park of Kinnaird, and from "Kinnaird's Mill" being so near Scotston of Kinnaird.
BYRES Byres Mr. Lyall Factor
Mr Peters, Gr [Grieve]
Mr Spankie, Forester
034 To the south of Scotston on the road leading to the Castle there is a building Kept for the Cows of Kinnaird which is called "Byres", and may either be considered descriptive only or adopted on the ordinary character of names which it is entitled to from usage, as by all persons it is referred to as "Byres"

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