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the Den itself may be said to extend to about the distance of 1/2 a mile in this direction - the East (near east margin of Trace 2). To the West the Den only extends about 3/4 of a mile, but it is most remarkable both in color of the soil and as a den or hollow at the parts to which the name is confined on the Examination Traces. After passing out of Farnell Mill Dam there is much confusion & impropriety in the usage of the name of the Burn, which is called the "North Pow", the Pow proper being in the neighbourhood of the Ch [Church] distinguished by the same bad usage as "South Pow". Upon the authority of Mr Lyall, there is properly but one "Pow Burn" which is named so on Estate Maps of Kinnell and Farnell Parishes. The Burn from the Red Den is but a tributary of the proper Pow which is artificially widened after leaving the Mill Dam and hence it is supposed to take the title of Pow from being larger than the proper Pow

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