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Pow Burn
Pow Burn
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Mr Lyall
J Mathers, Crossgates Kinnell
Authenticated on plan 34.10 Parish of Kinnell
034 The head of this Burn is in the Muir of Montreathmonth and in the first part of its course it is named Battle Burn, but this coming as far as the Church of Farnell some confusion in the name is found from the Burn from Red Den also taking the name with the distinction of "North" added to it, while this (the Pow proper) is distinguished as South Pow in the neighbourhood of the Ch. [Church]. Good authorities do not admit of two Pow Burns, there being but the Pow which flows as "Battle Burn" in its first part and afterwards (from about "Woodside" in Kinnell Parish) "Pow Burn" to the South Esk (See Red Den 34-10 1 & 2)

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