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Green Law
Green Law
Mr. Lyall Factor
Mr. J. Sevewright Redford
Mr. Lawrence, Greenden
034 A remarkable Law or hill on the east & close to the T.P. [Turn Pike] Road. It stands to the north of a steading which is named from the Law. Some years ago Lord Southesk, the proprietor, caused an excavation to be made in the top of the Law in hope of finding some remains of antiquity but nothing was found. Some considered it of artificial construction but it is of late or since the top was opened, thought to be a natural hillock. The soil dug out of the top is sandy, but it is not used as a Sand Pit, nor has it ever been, and it is intended as stated by Mr. Lyall to fill it up again. Urns as stated by Mr. Lyall to Mr. Sevewright were got in the field to the south & east of the Law, but there is a difference in the information obtained as to the place they were found, Mr Lyall stating it to be to the east of the Law, and Mr Sevewright saying between the foot of the law & the steading at the place shewn on Trace. The field in which Urns were got is therefore written on the Examination Trace.

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Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish

The second authority
Mr Sevewright states that
the Urns found was at
the time the T.P. [Turn Pike] Road was
made about 19 years ago.

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