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Kinnaird Deer Park (Continued 034 [continued from page 13]
which is protected by a permanent wire fence shewn on the Examination Traces. All young woods or plantations in the demesne are at present protected from the Deer by a temporary wooden paling. These palings are removed as the woods grow to a proper size. Besides those around the woods there are other temporary palings enclosing parts within a wood for shooting. The whole of these as stated by the Factor of South Esk Estate are temporary & useless, and are therefore cancelled on the Examination Traces - There are four principal entrances to Kinnaird Castle in Farnell parish, & three of them bear names, which, though their origin may have been for distinction, are now by usage well established proper names recognised by the best authorities. They are the "West Gate" on the West of the Park, "East Lodge" on the East & "Farnell Lodge" in the South. There is a Drive & a Lodge between "Farnell Lodge" & the "East Lodge" (Trace 5) but it bears no proper name. Almost all the dwellings of the various servants living in the demesne bear some local distinctive term or name none of which are adopted by the Agent of South Esk Estate, who considers such terms as the Shepherd's-house, which is applied to the place & dwelling occupied by the Shepherd of South Esk or Kinnaird, to the northward of the Old Burying Ground of Kinnaird Old Parish to be better understood than properly Named. The South Esk family vault is in the Deer Park of Kinnaird at or near the south east corner of park wall. There is an artificial lake in the Demesne.

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Co. [County] Forfar -- Farnell Parish

The extent of the Deer Park
is shown on through the Exn. [Examination] traces
on the North & East of Kinnaird
policies by a yellow shade.

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