List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
MUIR COTTAGES Muir Cottages Thomas Chalmers occupier
Charles Allan occupier
William Forbes Station Master
037 A range of one story high slate Cottages occupied by four or five tradesmen they are on the property of the Earl of Strathmore
MUIR PLANTATION Muir Plantation Thomas Chalmers
Charles Allan
William Forbes
037 A stripe of Mixed wood running along Both sides of the Scottish North Eastern Rail-Road for about a Quarter of a mile to the East of Eassie Rail-way station.
EASSIE STATION Eassie Station Thomas Chalmers
Charles Allan
William Forbes Station Master
037 A small wooden house the property of the Scottish North Eastern Railway Company it is situated a little to the south of Eassie Toll Bar and on the south side of the Railway distance 24½ miles from Perth & 8 from Forfar

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Parish of Eassie & Nevay -- Sheet 37 No 15 Trace 5

Muir Plantation [note]
This name has been referred to the examiner who recommends
Muir Plantation to be used.

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