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than 3 miles at widest from north to south.
The part of the parish lying towards the Sidlaws
on account of its elevation above the general
level is the part where most of the place-names
are found.
The other or northern part lying along the
Dean Water was for long boggy undrained marsh
land, and even today in wet seasons such as
we are now having, flooding occurs and water
lodges for a long time impeding agricultural
operations. That being so today, the state of
the land say 150 or 200 years ago must have
been practically worthless for agriculture. Hence
there would be but few if any houses in that
area. Some of the fields included in the present
farm of Castleton are called "the meres" or "myres"
The name is significant and would suggest
that the land was only fit in remote times for
grazing and that during summer.
Should you or those associated with you desire
any further information I shall be happy to supply it
if within my knowledge

Yours faithfully
Alexander Waddell

The Secretary
Royal Scottish Geographical Society

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