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only about 1½ miles by 1½. There occur references
to people "in Dunkenny", "in Hatton", "in Ingliston"
and so on with no other specific designation, but
no doubt 250 years ago that was considered sufficient
localisation as it is in the postal service of to-day.
The names mentioned did not simply mean
the farms but other places of residence in the immediate
neighbourhood. For instance there is in the records,
a detailed case of something like witchcraft that
took place about 1725 in an ale-house "in Hatton"
Which of course was not the farm house, but some
other dwelling nearby.
I remember seeing about 36 years ago a greive's
book containing the names of fields on Ingliston
farm which had been given him by the then tenant,
the late Mr. Peter Simpson (died 1911) who farmed
the land of Ingliston for 56 years, but on
consulting the present laird and occupier I find
he has a rough and ready modern method of
distinguishing his various fields which, of course,
is useless in recapturing any old place-names
that may have existed in former times.
The unified Parish of Eassie & Nevay is comparitively
small being some 4 miles east to west, and less
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