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Manse of Eassie & Nevay
Eassie: 7th. March 1939.

Dear Sir,
Place-names in the Parish of
Eassie and Nevay

I have pleasure in sending you a list
of the place-names of this Parish, both the existing
place-names and others now existing only in names
of fields and a few that I have been enabled to
cull by research in the old Kirk Session records
I have consulted lairds, tenant farmers, grieves
and other persons whose forebears belonged to the
parish, but unfortunately little information has been
forthcoming. Within the last 40 years or so there have
been many changes in the ownership and tenancies
of the various farms with the result, I believe, that
old time names of fields have fallen into disuse
and been entirely forgotten,
In looking over the old records I find many
existing place-names such as Dunkenny, Kirkton
of Eassie, Hatton of Eassie, Ingliston, Castleton, Balkeerie,
and Nevay, the last embracing most of the area of
the old parish of Nevay which was very small being
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