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GENERAL MONK'S HEAD QUARTERS IN 1651 Earl of Buccleuch's Residence in 1650 General Monk's Head Quarters in 1651

Birth place of the first Dutchess of Buccleugh & Monmouth
Mr. Robert Gray Earl's Inn
Mr. Mills Jeweller High St.
Mr. Alexander - Bookseller Overgate
Mr. James Thomson Small's Wynd
Thomson's Hist: [History] of Dundee
Mr. C. Roger Dundee Library
054 [Situation] At the east end of the Overgate.
The house situated at the South East Corner of the Overgate is traditionally reputed to have been the birth place of Anne first Duchess of Buccleugh and Monmouth.
At the N.E. [North East] corner of this house is a circular turret springing out from the main building at about 15 feet from the basement & from thence continued a little distance above the roof of the house and the North side of the premises facing the Overgate is of a style indicative of its great antiquity The remaining portions have been modernised & present no features of a striking character

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Birthplace of first Duchess of Monmouth

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