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Site of Market Cross (Continued) [continued from page 17]
where it was believed that this reputed witch was burned and a boyish idea prevaild that although the hollow were filled up it would immediately become hollow again to shew where the witch had suffered. This anecdote is mentioned to shew the tradition prevailed during the last generation.
Mr. Home's Extracts from the minutes of the Town Council of Dundee see Thomson's Hist. [History] p. [page] 166

Dundie the twentie third day of Novr. [November]
1669 years
Anent such as were delated for Witchcraft. - The minrs. [ministers] having also reported to the counsel that Grissell Jaffry witch at her execution did delate seal [several] psons [persons] as being guiltie of witchcraft to ye and therefore desired yt. [that] for yr [your] exoneraon some course might be taken wt [with] those delated: The Counsell in order theronto therefore noiats the provos[ ] the pnt. [present] baillzies the old baillzies deane of guild .t ther to meet wt [with] the minrs [ministers] .t to comon wt [with] ym [them] on the sd [said] matter and to consider of ye [the] best wayes may be takin wt [with] the delated

At Dundy the eight day of Februar [February]
I in. VI c. Seventie (1670) years
The Counsell consents the mnrs [ministers]send for a pruver [prover]. - The ministers having reputed to the magistrates that they intendit to send for one that can in some measure discover witches be the mark and yr for [therefore] cravit [craved] the Counsells consent theranent wherof the Counsill approves and consents the minrs [ministers] send for the partie when they please.

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The two transcriptions of council minutes from 1669/70 are fascinating sources but the combination of 17th century abbreviations with nineteenth century handwriting makes transcription tricky. There are also some archaisms such as delated (=denounced). Suggested expansions of abbreviations are given in brackets but should not be taken as gospel. Alternative suggestions welcome.

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