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LOGIE CHURCH (Site of) Site of Logie Church James Sutherland Union place Lochee
Mr. James Clarke. Logie Ho: [House]
054 [Situation] In the central part of Logie Burial Ground
The ancient Parish Church of Logie stood on the summit of a mound which is the form of the present burial ground, and its site is now partly occupied by a vault & building referred to in the descriptive remarks pertaining to that object - No traces of the Church are now visible, but the present grave digger who has been here 22 years in that capacity remembers old men who were living in the neighbourhood when he was first employed who had seen the remains of the Church walls standing about 5 feet in height. In the course of making graves since that period however he has dug out the whole foundation & removed the stone flags forming the centre passage through the Church. Neither the date of erection of this Church nor its dedicatory name is known but it is believed to have been of great antiquity.

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A mile and a half west of the town a burying-ground still
in use marks the site of the Church of Logie; - A mensal or
table furnishing Church of the Bishop of Brechin.
Fullarton's Gazetteer of Scotland

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