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the fort or body of the place is about forty yards from north to south and about twenty-five from east
to west. The angles present the remains of circular towers and along the verge of the hill the
remains of an outer rampart are discernible. The entrance was on the east by a winding path and upon
this side the outer rampart seemed to have been strongest and below the summit several terraces [&]
outworks appear. In the neighbourhood great quantities of human bones have been turned up by the
plough, & spade, in all directions unequivocal evidence of the destructive rage of the demon of war
but unfortunately owing to the Gothic policy of Edward I. of England and the as sure destroying
progress of time scarcely any account of the sanguinary conflicts that must have occurred about
the Law can now be given. Thomson's Hist. [History] of Dundee p. [page] 3[]

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