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"A prominent object in the natural history of Dundee is the Law or high hill which
rises about a mile towards the north of the town to the height of 525 feet and which commands a
beautiful and extensive view in every direction. Upon the top of this hill are the remains of a
fortified post and the ditch is still visible. From the quantity of human bones and pieces of
armour which of late have been dug up in trenching the adjoining ground, it appears to have been
a place of considerable strength in the early history of Scotland". - New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Forfarshire pp [pages] 15-16

On the summit of Dundee Law are vestiges of a fortification traditionally ascribed to Edward I.
According to tradition a Pictish force having encamped on Tothel-brow in the parish of Strathmartine
the Scottish army under Alpine occupied the law rushed to battle on the intervening plain and
having been defeated suffered the mortification of seeing their King Captured and beheaded. This
event occurred in 834. Fullarton's Gazetteer of Scotland

A particular and prominent part of the barony of Dundee is the beautiful hill which rises
immediately on the northern side of the town to an elevation of 525 feet above the level of the sea. In
the Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of the town, Dr. Small says, On the top of the law which is the most remarkable hill
in the parish are the remains of a fortified post, the ditch is yet visible. The whole enclosure which is of
a square form is not of the same structure with the towers which have been supposed to be cemented by the
force of fire One small part of it has been so compacted. Probably on this the fires for alarming the town
were lighted and by frequent lighting some of the stones have been put in fusion. The length of the
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