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FORT (Remains of) [Dundee Law] Camp Mr. C. Roger, Librarian Dundee Library
Mr. A. Simpson, Bookseller Wellgate
Dr. Small's Statistical Account
054 [Situation] On the Summit of Dundee Law
This object is conjectured to be the remains of a Camp, Castle or fortified position, situated on the summit of Dundee Law, but to what era or people it may be ascribed there is no evidence to show with Certainty. it is however by some supposed to have been constructed as far back as the year 834, at which period a battle was fought between the Picts and Scots on the low ground or plain lying at the foot of this hill on the North side. Its present appearance is that of a double line of entrenchment of an oblong shape - defended at the Corners either by small bastions or round towers & at the brink of the hill a short distance lower down there appears to have been a line of circumvallation or outwork.

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Town of Dundee -- Sheet 54. 5 No. 7 Trace 5 -- One Sheet

It will be seen by the description in the extracts in the following pages 23 & 24
that Fort is the proper Term to be used and as there is a tradition
that it was constructed by King Edward I and as its shape &c.
is not that of an ancient British Fort it may as well be
written in German Text notwithstanding that a battle took place here
between the Scots and Picts in 834

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