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Cattle Rake
Cattle Rake
Cattle Rake
Mr. Gordon, Steward of Careston
Mr. D. Stewart, Hillhead of Careston
Mr. A. Airth, Windsor
Mr. A. Doig, Hilton of Fearn
026 The name of a well known Drove Road between Tarnton Moor (corrupted from Trinity Moor) in Brechin and the south - extending or did extend formerly it is said, as far south as England. It is only to be found at the present time in small detached parts not reclaimed as it appears in this Parish. Westwards, in the Parish of Fearn, it is converted into a Statute Labour Road, after it passes Windsor Farm, but the name is not identified with it where it has become a Stat [Statute] Labour Road, nor is it understood to apply to the continuation of the same Road farther westwards in the Parish of Tannadice. Between Careston & "Tarnton Moor" it is said, by the authorites quoted, to exist in part at "Little Brechin", and westwards from Careston, it is, upon the same authorities, to be seen at Newtyle Parish - some twenty miles south west.

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Co. [County] Forfar -- Careston Parish

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