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Site of FUIRDSTONE CASTLE Site of Fuirdstone Castle Land of the Lindsays
New Statl. [Statistical] Account
Mr Peter Gordon, Careston
033 "It is also said that Careston was known at one time by the name of Fuirdstone. This is assumed from a decreet of valuation of the tiends in 1758, in which the expression occurs of 'the lands and barony of Caraldstone, formerly called Fuirdstone, with the tower, fortalice, manor-place, &c' But according to Lord Spynies Charter of the lands in 1606, this passage admits of a different and more likely interpretation, and merely signifies that a part of the lands of Careston were so called. This stronghold is mentioned by Monipennie in 1612, as the Castle of "Barnabriech". The ruins of a large house, called the "Castle of Fuirdstone", were erased from a field west of the farm house of Balnabriech, about the beginning of this century, and, to this day, the plough turns up ruins of old buildings near the same place. The name had doubtless originated from the number of fords which are at this part of the river." Land of the Lindsays.

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Co. [County] Forfar -- Careston Parish

"The present incumbent has in his
posession a decreet of Valuation of the tiends
of date 1758, wherein the Lands of Careston are
designed by the name of Fuirdstone in the follow:
ing manner. 'All & whole these parts of the lands
and barony of Careston alias Balnamoon, particul:
:arly after specified, viz. the lands and barony of
Caraldstone, formerly called Fuirdstone, with the
tower, fortalice, manor place' &c.
The tower of Fuirdstone referred to was situated
on the farm of Wester Balnabriech, and its remains
were removed by the late tenant in the course of his
improvement of the above farm. It is not unlik:
:ely that the fore-mentioned tower and other buildings
therewith connected constituted the first mansion-
house on the Estate of Careston".
New Statl. [Statistical] Account.

[Volume signed]
John Bayly
Major R.E. [Royal Engineers]

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