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New Statl. [Statistical] Account
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Mr. P. Gordon Land Steward
033 A couple of cot houses now belonging to N. [Nether] Careston farm and generally understood under that name, the old & proper name - Wardend being little known. The writer of the N. S. [New Statistical] Account of this Parish attributes or supposes the name to be derived from a supposed Fort of the Romans which is thought to have been at the confluence of the Noran with the South Esk. "Some writers say", the author of the Land of the Lindsays adds in a Marginal Note, referring to pre-historic traces in the neighbourhood being very meagre, "that (ad Esicam) the pass of the Romans in A.D. 81, was at the junction of the Noran & South Esk, in the parish or Careston; but it is generally supposed to have been at Montrose or some place thereabout."

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Co. [County] Forfar -- Careston Parish

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