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[Page] 38 [Loose Item - Page 1 of 3 of a Letter from G. Anderson of "Luscar" to Captain J. Bayly of O.S.O. [Ordnance Survey Office] via his Factor Mr. Sang of Kirkcaldy regarding changing a name of a property]

Luscar 25th May 1854

on the 10th Inst. [Instant] Mr. John Sang of Kirkcaldy at my request, made application to you, to have the name of a small village in this neigbourhood "Goukhall" changed on the Ordnance Maps under your charge. On the 23rd Inst. [Instant] I received from Mr. Sang your letter to him of the 18th, and in compliance with your desire I immediately..[continued p. 39]

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