Fife and Kinross-shire volume 30

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OS1/13/30/1 [Page] 1 Parish of Flisk Plan. 1.C INDEX Names of Objects -- Pages Parish of Flisk -- 5 Birkhill Fishery -- 3 Birkhill Pier -- 3 Flisk Wood -- 4 County of Perth Dog Bank -- 10 Powgavie Burn -- 10
OS1/13/30/2 2 [Blank Page]
OS1/13/30/3 BIRKHILL FISHERY Birkhill Fishery Birkhill Fishery Mr. Rintoul Farmer Demmonds James Johnston Newport 001 [situation] Opposite the Western extremity of Flisk Wood and on the margin of the Firth of Tay. This name applies to two rows of long wooden stakes stuck in the ground to which nets are attached for the purpose of catching Salmon. This, together with other Fisheries of the same description are not used for Some time past in consequence of no Salmon going up the River.
OS1/13/30/3 BIRKHILL PIER Birkhill Pier Birkhill Pier Mr. Rintoul Demmonds James Johnston Newport 001 [situation] Opposite the Eastern extremity of Flisk Wood and on the margin of the Firth of Tay. A wall about eight feet high and five feet broad at the base built by the proprietor Henry Wedderburn Esqr. of Birkhill for the use of his own boats when employed in Salmon Fishing.
OS1/13/30/3 3 Parish of Flisk Plan 1C Trace 4.
OS1/13/30/4 CORBIE DEN Corbie Den See name book Plan 5B
OS1/13/30/4 FLISK WOOD Flisk Wood See descriptive remarks of Plan 5B
OS1/13/30/4 4 Parish of Flisk.
OS1/13/30/5 FLISK Parish of Flisk See Name Book Plan 5B
OS1/13/30/5 5 Parish of Flisk
OS1/13/30/6 6 [Blank page]
OS1/13/30/7 [Page] 7 Parish of Balmerino. Plan .1.C INDEX Names of Objects....Pages. Parish of Balmerino -- 11 Balmerino Bank -- 12 Channel Bank -- 12 Firth of Tay -- 12
OS1/13/30/8 8 [Blank Page]
OS1/13/30/9 9 [Blank Page]
OS1/13/30/10 POWGARIE BURN Powgarie Burn Powgarie Burn Powgavie Burn Powgavie Burn Powgavie Burn Powgavie Burn James Hay Pilot Capt. [Captain] W.H. McDougall Scotscraig Johnstons Co. [County] Map Fullarton's Gazeteer James Buist Gauldry David Yool Gauldry 001 [situation] On the Northern Side of the Firth of Tay and running from High to Low water mark through Dog Bank. A small stream entering the tide mark of the River Tay near Powgarvie and flowing for a considerable distance through the sand till it flows into the river at low water.
OS1/13/30/10 DOG BANK Dog Bank Dog Bank Seaside Bank James Hay Pilot Capt. [Captain] W.H. McDougall Scotscraig Johnston's Co. [County] Map [situation] On the Northern side of the Firth of Tay and situate between High & Low water mark. An extensive sand bank in the river Tay, between high and low water mark and covered at full tide.
OS1/13/30/10 10 Parish of [blank] Co. [County] Perth. Plan 1C. Trace 1.
OS1/13/30/11 BALMERINO Parish of Balmerino See name book plan 6A
OS1/13/30/11 11 Parish of Balmerino
OS1/13/30/12 CHANNEL BANK Channel Bank Channel Bank Revd. [Reverend] M. Fisher Minister Flisk James Hay Pilot Newburgh 001 [situation] In the Firth of Tay nearly opposite Balmerino and forms an obstruction to Sailing Vessels from being situate near the Centre of the Channel. A large sand bank visible at low water it is insulated and owes its name to the circumstance of being at the centre of the channel of the River Tay.
OS1/13/30/12 BALMERINO BANK Balmerino Bank For descriptive remarks see Name Book of Plan 2C
OS1/13/30/12 FIRTH OF TAY Firth of Tay For descriptive remarks see name book of Plan 5A
OS1/13/30/12 12 Parish of [blank] Plan 1C Supplementary Trace. [Signed] James Carpenter C. Asst. [Civilian Assistant] 5th July 1854 [Signed] H. James. Cap [Captain] RE [Royal Engineers] 17 June 1854
OS1/13/30/13 [Page] 13 [Volume] 30 OS1/13/30 Co. [County of] Fife. Plan 1C. Names of parishes -- pages. Flisk -- 1 Balmerino -- 7