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TRENCHES [Nuthill] Trenches
Mr. Howden.
O.J. Bruce Esq.
Property Plan.
016 The remains of extensive military defences consisting of about 6 ditches running nearly parallel to each other, but approximating towards the west. they are supposed by Col. Millar to have been constructed by the Roman General previous to occupying the Camp at Pitlour.
"West of Falkland and on the lands of Nuthill (now Falkland House) are the remains of extensive lines which the Colonel (Miller) supposes had been constructed by the Roman General previous to his taking up his position on the camp at Pitlour. These works were quite entire about 40 years ago. The only part of them now remaining is six ditches, an hundred yards distant from the base of the hill. The greatest length of them is about 250 yards, but they formerly extended about 50 yards farther east. Full [Fullartons] Gazetteer."

No other traces of any works in connection with these trenches are known to any person in the place or neighbourhood, mention is made in Full [Fullartons] Gazetteer, of the further extent North West and east of similar works, but they are not known, and I could get no person to point them out.

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59 Plan 16B Falkand Parish

[Note:] "On the East of Nuthill, and nearly1/2 mile west from the house, are four parallel trenches, in the form of inverted wedges, of from 250 to 300 yards in length evidently the work of art. Old Stat. Acc. [Statistical Account]"

[signature] JB. Capt. R.E [Captain, Royal Engineers]

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