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CAIRN [West Lomond] Cairn
Mr. Howden.
Mr. Skinner.
Mr. Senior.
Mr. Reid.
016 [situation] 2 1/4 miles S.W. [South West] of Strathmiglo.
A large heap of stones on the summit of the West Lomond, and known in the neighbourhood as a Cairn; but whether it has been a Druidical Cairn or Sacrifice, (as conjectured in Leighton's His. [History] of Fife) or a Memorial is not known.

"Upon the summit of the West Lomond Hill there is still existing however a large Cairn, 112 Yards in circumference & of considerable height. the whole of the stones composing which must have been brought with great labour from the bottom of the hill. This has obviously been a Druidical Cairn of Sacrifice, not one of memorial, as the name of the hill still implies, The British word Llummon, signifying a hill of Fire, on this cairn thus it may be presumed the large flat stone was placed on which the sacred fire was lighted; and that there the Priests of Druidism performed the rites of their Pagan worship. " Leighton's History of Fife.

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