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KINGSLAW BURN William Bain Tenant
Francis Martin
Mr. Bain Tenant
032 A small streamlet that rises in Begg Moss, which takes an easterly course, a little S. of Moorhead [Road] through the parish of Dysart and out Wemyss parish near Bogleys Farm

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A certificate by John Baxter and Thomas Harrow, Bailies of the Burgh of West Wemyss on one paper - also one paper of memoranda by Mr. Kinsela C.A. inspecting the boundaries of the Burgh.
These two papers were attached to the corner of this book, when recieved from the ----- office; They are now detached at o.m.s and put into the proper cover for "Wards of Burghs"
o.m.s. 17th January 1855

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