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BLAIR Henry Steele
J.Bywater Esq (Esquire)
M. Forbes
032 A small farm house inland being of the best quality pleasantly situation on high ground overlooking the Firth of Forth is the property of the Earl of Rosslyn.
BLAIR POINT Robt (Robert) Bonthron,
Thos (Thomas) Bonthron,
John Ireland
032 A small headland with rough rugged rocks about 3/4 miles S.W (South West) of Wemyss.
PRISONER OF CHILLON [sculpture] J.Bywater Esq (Esquire)
J.Bywater Esq (Esquire)
John Duncan
Mr Robertson
032 A figure cut in in the rock near Blair Point. said to have been done by a poor man living at Dysart a John'Patterson. The goodness of design structural skill displayed by the young untutored artist, this being his attempt, executed person to form a subsculpture, to plan and publically perform it he protect it from being disfigured by any hands.

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3/4 mile S.W. of West Wemyss

Blair Point
3/4 mile S.West (South West) of West Wemyss.

Prisoner ofChillon
3/4 Mile S.W. (South West) of West Wemyss.

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The Prisoner of Chillon
The fourth word in the Description is unclear, perhaps it is a mistake.

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