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WEMYSS CASTLE The Castle of Wemyss New Stat. Acct.
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T.Bywater Esqre.
New Stat. Acct.
Old stat. Acct.
Fullertons Gazetteer
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032 A very plain Old Castle, built upon a rock perpendicular to the shore of the Firth of Forth about 40 ft. above the level of the sea. Celebrated as the place where Queen Mary had her first interview with Darnley. Charles II visited here in the years 1650 & 1657, is now the seat of Erskine Wemyss Esqre.
The castle of Wemyss, situated a little to the East of the burgh of Wester Wemyss and close by the shore, on a cliff between 30 and 40 feet above the level of the sea, is a large and magnificient building. When it was built is uncertain, but part of the east wing is said to be nearif not as old as the Castle of Easter Wemyss, usually called Macduff's Castle. It received considerable additions about the beginning of the 17th. century, from the Right Hon. David Earl of Wemyss. It was in this Castle that Lord Darnly had his first interview with Queen Mary, 13th. February 1565. The Queen was at this tour of visits in Fife, which, says the famous John Knox caused wild fowl to be so dear, that partridges were sold at a Crown the piece, Old Stat. Acct.

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A rising other religues of olden time preserved in the Castle of Wemyss is a silver bowl presented to Sir Michael Wemyss of Wemyss by Eric, King of Norway, in 1290. When he and Sir Michael Scott of Belwearic went to bring home the Princess Margaret on the death of Alexander III. Fullertons Gazetteer.

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