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CHURCH [parish, East Wemyss] Church Estd. [Established] Revd. W Polson
T Bywater Esqre.
Mr. Robertson
032 A low plain building nearly in the centre of the village of E. Wemyss and is the Parish Church of Wemyss [Erected is crossed out] Restored 1809 [this is wrong is written]
the church is an old gothic building in the form of a cross; there are evident marks of considerable additions to it; but no dates that can fix its age. Old Stat Acct.
Rate book
Frasers Map
T Bywater Esqre.
Johnston's Co. Map
New Stat.Acct.
032 A very neat and compact village adjg. [adjoining] the shore of the Frith[Firth] of Forth, sheltered on the S.N. + E. sides by beautiful high woodland; is the property of Mr. Erskine Wemyss.
MANSE [parish, East Wemyss] Revd. William Polson
Mr Robertson
Mr Duncan
032 A rather old house with front + Back gardens, stables etc. lying a little back on the N.side of the street + 250 links N. of the church.

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