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JONATHAN'S CAVE Well Cave Estate maps
T. Bywater Esqre.
Mr. Robertson
Old Stat. Acct.
James Bain
032 A large double cave immediately under Macduffs Castle. When Castle was tenanted there stor
near the shore the Gardener's -- occupied by Jonathan Forman one night the sea washed the down compelling Jonathan to [find] other shelters which led him to cave hence Jonathans Cave.
The reason it sometimes is called Well Cave is that there is a [small] spring in the centre of the inner.
There are two caves at the bottom of the clliff amd immediately under the ruins of the Castle of Easter Wemyss, one of these is called Jonathans Cave, from a man who with his family resided some time in it. The entrance to the other is very narrow, but after having got through it, you find yourself in a very spacious place in which is a well of excellent water. It is annually visited by young people in Wemyss, with lights from the first Monday of January --but from--this custom took its --------- Old Stat Acct.
WELL CAVE 032 [see notes for Jonathon Cave]

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