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Bark Cave
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T. Bywater Esqre.
J.Bywater Esqre.
Mr. Robertson
James Oswald
John Oswald
John Spence
New Statistical Acct. of Scotland
Old Stat. Acct.
032 A large cave adjoining the shore at E. end of East Wemyss. Tradition says Baronial Courts were held herein also James 4. took shelter in it with a -- of gipsies. Tradition says that the fishermen to Tan their sails in this cave hence Bark cave.
The cave nearest to the sea shore is called the Court Cave, two reasons are assigned for the name. One is that when the lands of Easter Wemyss were the property of the Colvills, they here held their baron-court; another that King James IV. in a frolick once joined a company of gypsies, who were here making merry, and when the liquor began to operate, the gypsies as usual with people of their charactor, began to quarral among themselves; upon this his majesty started to mediate between the parties, but they, ignorant of the rank of their new associate were about to handle him pretty roughly for his goodness which obliged the king to discover himself; in allusion to this affair, the cave was afterwards ironically called the Court Cave. Old Stat. Acct.

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