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72) Cupar Sheet 5

"This appears to have been a magnificent structure in the pointed style with a tower at its western extremity. Its length is said to have been 133 feet its breadth 54 feet. The roof which was of carved Oak was supported internally by a double row of pillars in the pointed style wich formed it into a central nave and two side aisles." &c. &c."
"The tower and Spire however have been preserved and from their beauty and situation are a great ornament to the town in the distant prospect but on a closer inspection the spectator is much disappointed when he finds that the church has no beauty in itself no uniformity in design with the steeple and is not even connected with it except by part of the old wall of the church which had been preserved for the purpose of forming a session - house. The tower was erected at the time the church was built in 1415 but the the spire which surmounts it was not erected till about the beginning of the seventeenth century when it was built at the expense of Mr. William Scott then minister of of the parish." - Leighton's Hist [History] of Fife , vol [volume] II pp [pages] 12, 13.

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