List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Site of WEST PORT Site of West Port
Site of West Port
Site of West Port
Mr. Tosh (Writer)
Mr. Gibson (Writer)
Mr. Drysdale (Town Clerk)
[situation] In High Street.
The site of a gate situate at what was formerly the western entrance to the town. here is no record of the gate having been used for purposes on defence, but merely for the collection of Tolls.
RAILWAY TAVERN [Hill Street] Railway Tavern
Railway Tavern
Railway Tavern
Sign Board
Mr. Gibson
Mr. John Sang
[situation] On the W. [West] side of Hill Street.
A common Public House at the s [South] end of Hill Street near its junction with Whyte's Causeway.
Hill Wynd
Hill Wynd
Name at Corner
Henry Beveridge Esqr.
Baillie Fletcher
[situation] Leading off the W. [West] side of High Street.
A short lane leading from the West side of High Street to Hill Street.

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15 Parish of Kirkcaldy Sheet 4 Trace 7

[Quotation] " This town like many others had gates. they were called the East and West Ports. The places where they stood still retain the names" New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]

[Note] Wynd, An Alley. Jameson.

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