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Site of GREY FRIARS' MONASTERY Site of Grey Friars Monastery
Site of Grey Friars Monastery
Rev [Reverend] Mr Lyon, St Andrews
Old Map of St Andrews
012 The monastery of the Grey Friars was founded about 1448 by bishop Kennedy, it stood on the north side of the Chapel of the Grey Friars. There is not a vestage of the Chapel or Monastery now remaining John Wadlock a famous Mathematician and a provincial of the order, resided at this monastery during the reign of James V.
"The gray [grey] friars had a house here in the Shoegate where the high school erected by Dr Young now is" Sibbald Hist [History] of Fife p. [page] 351
"About the middle of the 15th Century bishop Kennedy founded and endowed a monastery of Franciscan or Grey Friars near the market gate of the market Street which was finished by his successor archbishop Graham. John Wadlock, born in Dundee provincial of the order and who generally resided here was a famous mathematician in the reign of James V. it was destroyed by the Reformers and no trace of its buildings now remain. The name of the "Grey Friars Garden" is still given to the spot where it stood and here a new Street called Bell Street has lately been opened up. An old well within its precincts was lately cleared of the rubbish which it contained and several stones were found on which some texts of Scripture were carved" Leighton's Hist. [History] of Fife vol. [volume] 3. p. [page] 24

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