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ST MARY'S COLLEGE on the Site of The Pedagogy St Mary's College
St Mary's College
Messrs Grace & Yule Factors to the College St Andrews
Walter F Ireland Esq Writer St Andrews
012 This College is built on the South side of the South Street with two wings one of which is occupied by the principal and as lecture rooms while the other is the University Library, which is open to both Colleges, it is stated the Scottish parliament was formerly held in it. It is wholly devoted to Theology having a principal (Dr Haldane) and 3 professors and supported partly from lands & part from a government grant. The average attendance of Students is about 55 -
"About the time that St Leonards College was founded the buildings appropriated to the original institution of Pedagogy having fallen into disrepair and the funds set apart for the support of its teachers being found inadequate the design was formed of repairing the buildings and erecting into a college with a suitable endowment. The design for some reason was not immediately adopted but in 1537 archbishop James Beaton obtained the sanction of the Pope and began the new buildings of the College to be designated St Mary's College. After his death Cardinal Beaton his nephew proceeded with the undertaking but it being still incomplete at the time of his murder it was completed by his Successor archbishop Hamilton. He intended that it should consist of a principal 8 professors and 24 bursars in theology and philosophy besides attendants and for their maintenance he appropriated the tithes of the parishes of Tannadice Tynningham Laurencekirk Pert, Tarvet and Craig" See Leighton's Hist. [History] of Fife vol. [volume] lll [3] pp [pages] 24, 25.

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South Side of South Street [Situation for St Mary's College]

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