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this college to the "Blessed Virgin Mary of the Assumption" and farther endowed it with the great tithes of Tyningham and Tannadice, both in the diocese of St Andrews. This bull still exists in the charter-chest of St Mary's College and is a beautiful specimen of penmanship." etc etc Lyon's Hist. [History] vol. [volume] 1 p. [age] 284

Archbishop Hamilton was engaged in completing St Mary's College which his two predecessors Archbishops James and David Beaton had commenced. Having finished the college he endowed it out of his Archepiscopal revenues in virtue of a bull of Pope Julius lll [3], dated 1552 with lands and tithes for the maintenance of four principal professors called the provost, licentiate bachelor and canonist, eight students of theology, three professors of philosophy and two of Rhetoric and grammar; five vicars pensionage sixteen students of philosophy, a provisor, cook and janitor. But it is a striking instance of the mutability of human affairs and of human opinions that in seven short years from the time we are now speaking a great part of this endowment was swept away by the Reformation, and the rest of it converted to totally opposite purposes to what their founders contemplated" etc Ibid [Lyon's History] page 316.

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