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St Mary's College
St Mary's College was originally projected by Archbishop James Beaton uncle and immediate predecessor of the famous Cardinal of that name. We are informed that in the year 1537 he augmented the seminary called the Pedagogy by a variety of endowments and afterwards converted it into St Mary's College that he had determined to pull down the buildings of the above mentioned seminary which were become old and infirm and inconvenient for the studies of the youth and to erect from the foundation others in a more magnificent Style but was prevented by death. He built however says our authority several parts and completed some that had been begun by others. His successor and nephew the Cardinal proposed to follow out his uncle's plans and had made some progress in undertaking when he was assassinated in the Castle. Having demolished a set of old buildings he laid the foundation of what was intended to be a handsome Church within the College but this was never finished. In 1553 Archbishop Hamilton gave a new establishment to this College according to which it was to consist of 36 persons, viz a prefect, a licentiate, a bachelor, a canonist, & students of theology, 3 professors of philosophy 2 of Rhetoric & grammar 16 philosophy students, a provisor a janitor and a cook. The income of this College on an average of 7 years preceding 1826 was £1,876. The principal has a salary of £238 The professor of divinity of £231 the church history professor £286 and the Hebrew professor £211 etc etc. "The north side of the quadrangle is formed by the principal's house and the other buildings formerly laid in lodging rooms for the students with the porter's house over the gateway contiguous towards the east is the University library containing 35,000 volumes and forming in continuation with these buildings part of the South side of South Street". Fullartons Gazetteer of Scotland 1847

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