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City Hall
City Hall
Name on sign board
Robert Cunningham St Andrews
George Boyack St Andrews
012 A small building at the rear of the Town Church, it was formerly a School House, but since 1832 has been used as an Auction room etc being the property of the Corporation -
Town House
Town Hall
Town House
George Boyack St Andrews
R. Cunningham St Andrews
Plan of St Andrews 1843
Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account for Scotland] 1845
Red C.J. Lyon St Andrews
012 A small building near the Centre of Market Street where the Provost and magistrate meet for the despatch of public business, there is a small portion of it allotted for prisoners etc:-
SUPPLY RESERVOIR (Water Works) Supply Reservoir
Supply Reservoir
George Boyack St Andrews
R. Cunningham St Andrews
012 A large Cistern covered over where a tolerable supply of water is Kept for the Use of the town, the fountain Head is about 1 3/4 miles South of St Andrews where the water is conveyed from in pipes - These Water Works are the property of the town Corporation.

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Parish of Saint Andrews Sheet 1 Trace 7

North of South Street, adjoining the Town Church [Situation for City Hall]
In the centre of South Street [Situation for Town House]

[Signed] J McAnally CA [Clerical Assistant or Civilian Assistant]

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