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TOWER [St Salvator's] St Salvator's Tower
St Salvator's Tower
Rev Dr Buist
Rev C. Lyon M.A. [Master of Arts] St Andrews
012 This is the tower at the W. [West] end of St Salvators Church, it is a magnificent tower 156 feet high. The entrance to the United College is through a portal under this tower - There are a peal of bells and a Clock in it - it was erected at the same time as St Salvator's College - "The elegant Gothic Chapel and Tower of St Salvator's College erected by Bishop Kenedy [Kennedy], still remain, though somewhat mutilated and altered both internally and externally. The fine arched roof of the former was removed, considerably more than half a century ago, on an apprehension of insecurity, for which there appears to have been but little foundation. Its rich antique windows have been supplanted by others of a far less appropriate aspect and the beautiful monument of its founder with which the chapel was adorned, was seriously injured by the carelessness and unskillfulness of the workmen who were employed in carrying these alterations into execution. About the same period the parish church of St Leonards having fallen into disrepair, the congregation removed to this chapel which was properly fitted up for their accommodation and it still continues to be employed for this purpose". New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Fife p. [page] 492

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West end of College Church [Situation]

"Tower" only to be written, as it adjoins the Church of St Salvator [Note below Name]

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