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FORT (Site of) [Dodridge Law] Roman Camp
Roman Camp
Archibald Ainslie
Thomas Harkness
Forrest's Co. [County] Map 1799
014 ; 018 [Situation] About 80 chains S.S.W. [South South West] from West Peaston.
The remains of an old camp, said to be Roman, situated on the summit of Dodridge Law. It consists of two ramparts of an oval form with a fosse between them. Both of these have been repeatedly ploughed over and they have nearly altogether disappeared; the only remains being a ridge-like track. It is commonly called "Roman Camp".

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42 Fort (Site of)

"On the top of Dodridge Law, the highest ground in this
parish about two miles S. [South] from the church, there are to be seen
the remains of what is said to have been a Roman Camp. But
the late Dr. [Doctor] Henry of Edinburgh seems rather to think it Danish"
Sinclair's Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account], vol. 4, p. 170. Volume 4 Page 170

"At the Southern extremity of the parish about three miles from the
Tyne are the remains of an old Camp of a circular form supposed to be
Danish or British. Its form sufficiently indicates it was not Roman.
And as the Danes according to Chalmers (Caledonia, vol. II p 465 Volume II page 465) never
penetrated into the County of East Lothian it was probably British.
Twenty years ago before the field where it was situate was ploughed
up, two trenches with which it was surrounded were very distinctly marked
for several years however, the field has been under the plough and
they have almost disappeared. In a few years more it is likely not
a vestige will be seen."
New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account] of Co. Edinb. [County Edinburgh] p. [pages] 141-2.

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