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Linton Linn
Linton Lynn
Mr Hillhouse Schoolmaster
Rev [Reverend] Mr. Thompson
History of Hadd. [Haddington]
006 [Situation] At the S. [South] east end of East Linton Village.
A deep hole in the river Tyne, at East Linton formed by the action of the Water falling over a precipice of Claystone into the pool.
T.P. [East Linton] Linton Toll Bar
Linton Toll Bar
Linton Toll Bar
Sign board
Pass Tickets
Mr Hillhouse
006 [Situation] A little S. [South] east of East Linton Village.
A toll Gate at which road dues are Collected between Linton and Dunbar It is the property of the County road trustees! and is at present occupied by Gilbert Miller, -

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70 Linton Linn
69 Linton Toll Bar
T.P. only to be written
on plan as there is but little
Space for writing it and more
-over to prevent the repition
of Linton as it is int the village
of this name.

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