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O.S.O. [Ordnance Survey Office] Edinburgh
28th Sept. [September] 1853
Plan 11 A
Trace 5

From the information
given in Descriptive Rks [Remarks]
Concerning the old parish
church at Stenton I
Cannot determine whether
it Should be written
as an antiquity. Will
you State what is the
opinion of the minister
as to what is the age
of this church.
If my conjecture con-
-cerning the church at

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1st October 1852

I cannot get any
More information Concerning
this Church and that
already given. Neither the
Ph. [Parish] Minster-Sexton- or the
Factor on the Estate on
which it is Situated, know
Anything of the date of
its erection or of its pro-
-bable age the remaining
portions have a very old
Appearance. Showing it to
So have been a Substantial

Captain H. James
RE [Royal Engineers]

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