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Site of PITCOX CHURCH AND GRAVE YARD Church (Site of) John Bell Pitcox
James Blair Stenton
011 [Situation] A little to the West of Pitcox
The Site of a church with the Demesne lands of Beil there are no portions of it remaining it is locally Said to have been formerly a Roman Catholic Chapel.
GRAVE YARD (Site of) Grave Yard (Site of) John Bell Pitcox *James Blair Stenton 011 The Site of a graveyard, on the Demesne lands of Beil it is now Cover'd with wood And entirely disused as a Grave Yard. it enclosed the Church, which formerly Stood at Pitcox. & * informent has Seen human bones and headstones dug up out of it

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Parish of Stenton
Plan 11A. Trace 4

GraveYard (Site of) [note] The Parish of Stenton was
anciently called Pitcox and as
the above was then the parish
Church It is therefore better retain
its old and proper name.
Also as the Site of the church can scarcely be distinguished
from the Site of the Grave Yard it is therefore
better to write both objects connected as above
by the conjunction and.

This is as the Ph [Parish] Church &
Graveyard before the old Church
Now part in it was built
at the Village of Stenton.

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