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New Barn
New Barn
New Barns
Richard Dods
James Blair
Forrests Co. [County] Map
List of Ploughgates
011 [Situation] About ⅝ Mile N, [North] East from Stenton
A neatly erected house two stories in height and in good repair on the Biel estate, It is occupied by worKing people , -
Rude Well
Richard Dods
James Blair
Stat. [Statistical] Acct. [Account] 1835
Forrests Co. [County] Map.
011 [Situation] About ¼ Mile N, [North] East from Stenton
A spring well situated a short Distance east from the parish Church of Stenton, It is Covered by a circular stone building, on the top of which is the form of a Cardinal's Hat, There is a legend in the country that the tenure of the Biel estate, Depends on the preservation of this Hat, - See Stat. [Statistical] Acct. [Account] of Hadn. [Haddington]

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Parish of Stenton -- [Page] 45
Form 136
Page 94 - New Barn
98 - Rude Well

[Note] "Springs abound in many Parts of the Parish, and the water is
generally very cool, and of the best quality. There is one
near the Village called the "Rude-well, covered by a
circular Stone building, Surmounted by the form of a
Cardinal's hat, and there is a legend that the tenure
of the Beil estate Depends upon the Keeping on of this
hat." Stat: [Statistical] acct: [account] of Hadd: [Haddington] Page 56

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