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ABBEY Abbey Mr Jamison Teacher Abbey Haddington
John Brodie Farmer Abbey Mains Haddington
010 A hamlet situated about a mile to the east of the town of Haddington, on the north banK of the River Tyne It consists of about 15 houses most of which are two stories high and in a very dilapidated state, It contains a private school and is occupied WorK-people. At this hamlet in 1178 Ada countess of Northumberland, daughter of the earl of Warren, in England, mother of Malcom and William Kings of Scotland. founded and endowed a priory of Cisterian or Bernardine Nuns which was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. On the 7th of July 1548 a parliament was convened within its sacred walls, when it was agreed that the young Queen should be educated at the Court of France, preparatory to her marriage with the Dauphin. When the reformation took place, the prioress, dame Elizabeth Hepburn was required to give a statement of the monastic estates - when it appears that the convent then consisted of 18 nuns who were allowed £4 yearly for clothes, 4 bolls of wheat, and 3 bolls, of meal, with 8 pence a-day for flesh and fish - In 1567 the prioress, with the consent of her chapter, disposed of the greatest part of the lands belonging to the monastery, which Queen Mary conferred on her secretary. A portion of the old church Yard of the Abbey still remains, which is at the east side of the
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