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British FORT [The Chesters] Chesters R. S. Skirving Campton
John Waldie
Stat Acct [Statistical Account]
005 This name applies to the remains of an ancient Pictish Town and Camp Situated on the top of a low hill, of a conical form which is almost level on the top and which contains about two acres of land. The houses the remains of which are still distinct. The Town has been strongly fortified first by a deep circumvallation and higher up the hill by three ramparts on the North side two on the South three on the West & East ends the whole nearly perpendicular. On the West side of the hill are two deep trenches. before coming to the first circumvallation this side appears to have been more strongly fortified than the others on account of a small Roman station lying about half a mile west of the Pictish Town, this station appears to have been in the field immediately East of Campton Farm house & offices as one of the workmen when ploughing in this field a few years ago turned up a large urn of superior workmanship, and other Roman implements have been found about here but at this present day nothing now remains to show where it has been
GALLOWS LAW Gallows Law R.S. Skirving Campton
John Waldie
A small knoll on the farm of Campton part of which is covered with Trees. John Waldie my informant states that in former times they used to execute criminals on this place.

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List of Names collected by D. Mason Lce Corpl RS&M [Lance Corporal, Royal Sappers and Miners]
Plan 5.C. Trace 3
Parish of Athelstaneford
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Cbesters - Ancient Camp
Gallows Law - Knoll

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